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Welcome to LINK Disability Magazine Directory.

This online directory is a one-stop guide to disability-related products and services, connecting buyers with retailers, manufacturers and service providers in one easy-to-use location. To be included in this National directory, fill out the Australian Link Disability Directory Booking sheet PDF and send to Michelle Stevens, michelle@linkonline.com.au

Accommodation & Home Supports

Home Modification

Youngcare offers support to people 18-65 with high physical care needs through building High Care Housing, providing vital grants and the Youngcare Connect support phone line.
Specialists in personal home care and lifestyle support backed by specific training our team undergo to understand the complex needs of people with spinal cord damage and related physical disabilities. We can assist in equipment prescriptions, home modifications and therapy. We work hand in hand with the spinal cord damage community to promote more accessible and inclusive outcomes for people with a physical disability.
The Autoslide system converts existing domestic sliding doors into fully automatic sliding doors. Autoslide greatly improves access for the elderly or disabled and people who live with assisted living.