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Previous Issues

photo of Carla Link's editor, long dark brown hair over her sholders smiling and wearing a lime green and black dressdress

From the editor

Tuesday, 2nd April 2013

Hello again for another issue and the good news that the Senate has given the Federal Government the go-ahead to set up the National Disability Insurance Scheme — rebranded Disability Care Australia – with launch sites beginning in July.


Monday, 1st April 2013

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes  -  The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion  -  The Song Remains the Same by Allison Winn Scotch  -  Second Chance by Carla Caruso  -  A Friend like Ben by Julia Romp  -  Love Anthony by Lisa Genova

The digital divide

Monday, 1st April 2013

In recent years, there has been a massive explosion in information sharing and communication via video and podcasts and this has improved digital literacy for both the deaf and blind communities. However,  the gap in digital literacy has widened for the deafblind community who are unable to access these mediums.

photo of a plate with the yummy tuna mornay

Food and Travel

Monday, 1st April 2013

Reader recipe Cheats' tuna mornay  -  Food Bite social enterprise café  -  Go Global NZ cruise

Brandon Tsingolis abseiling

Overcoming perceived mental limitations

Monday, 1st April 2013

After suffering devastating traumas that turned their lives upside down, eight clients of Westmead’s Brain Injury Rehabilitation Service have taken on a challenging self development course with Outward Bound Australia to prove to themselves life doesn’t end with a brain injury

Off the shelf

Monday, 1st April 2013

PRODUCT REVIEW: Dragon Naturally Speaking speech recognition software -  Fun stickers for children’s asthma spacers and inhalers  -  Unique e-service for people with life-threatening health conditions  -  Excellent SA resource tool

image of an envelope

Letters to the editor

Monday, 1st April 2013

Using Thermomix in the kitchen after car accident    -   Heartfelt thanks to volunteers   -   CP lad climbing towers all over the world


News bites

Monday, 1st April 2013

Vintage festival benefits the community   -    Hard work pays off with award win  -  Cerebral palsy no barrier for new teacher

picture Dr Kirsty Best, sitting at desk using a computer


Monday, 1st April 2013

Blood cell disguise stops  -  Prosthetic flippers  -  People with disability on the outside of virtual worlds

Thomas Beach relaxing at his home with his colourful designs.

Unlocking potential

Monday, 1st April 2013

From costume hire to creating all-natural dog biscuits, these people with disability, who have undergone micro-business training, have a bright future ahead.
Carla Caruso reports.


Comic Genius

Monday, 1st April 2013

Jewel Kats is an awardwinning Canadian writer whose work includes penning the popular reality-series comic strip, DitzAbled Princess.

Group photo of some of the riders

It's a long way to the top

Monday, 1st April 2013

By road, it’s about 225km from Canberra to Charlotte Pass on the shoulder of Australia’s highest mountain, Mount Kosciuszko. Imagine doing that on the back of a bicycle if you can’t see – and especially  descending at 80km an hour.


An Australian first in wheelchair sport

Monday, 1st April 2013

In an Australian first, teams of athletes with disabilities in electric wheelchairs competed in the Asia Pacific Oceania 2013 Powerchair Football.

Part of the furniture

Monday, 1st April 2013

Cot and pram modifications, thanks to TADNSW, are aiding mums with disability.

Bonny Cook

Monday, 1st April 2013

NSW chef Bonny Porter, 23 – a star of MasterChef: The Professionals – was found to be deaf in one ear at three and lost the hearing in her other aged seven. She works as a chef at Sydney’s Rockpool Bar and Grill, managing through the use of a hearing aid and lip-reading.

One of Tara's photos rich red pink sunset with siloets of grain silhouette of grain silos

Perfect vision

Monday, 1st April 2013

Tara Miller is an award-winning, legally blind commercial photographer from Canada. She has only six per cent vision in her left eye, but has overcome her vision loss by embracing photography again. More at
Carla Caruso chatted to her.

Some of the models included Katie Franz, Jocelyn Bartlem, Finbar Mills, Peter Harre and Col Mackereth.

Fashion parade celebrates diversity

Monday, 1st April 2013

The culmination of an 18-month partnership between the Metropolitan South Institute of TAFE (MSIT) and the Spinal Injuries Association was highlighted on the catwalk at Mt Gravatt, Queensland, in December.

Valuing work

Monday, 1st April 2013

NOVA Employment chief executive Martin Wren says employing people with disability makes sense for businesses.

The musings of Peter Coulter

Monday, 1st April 2013

Visual disability and mental illness – one we know or think we do, but the other is often hidden and not so easily identified, like head injuries.

The lowdown on the NDIS

Monday, 1st April 2013

With the first stage of the National Disability Insurance Scheme kicking off in July, we checked in with Federal Minister for Disability Reform Jenny Macklin to see where things are at now.

Right to reproduce

Sunday, 31st March 2013

Sterilisation, or the removal of a woman’s ability to reproduce, is a hot topic at the moment, as Dignity for Disability MLC Kelly Vincent reports.

Head and sholders photo of Ken

Encouraging individualism

Sunday, 31st March 2013

Person-centred planning means treating each person as an individual, writes National Disability Services chief executive Dr Ken Baker.

Rudely Rocks

Sunday, 31st March 2013

Different beats | Anthea Skinner Reviews Mystery Girl by Rudely Interrupted
Mystery Girl is the latest album from Melbourne-based rock group Rudely Interrupted with a unique style which has been described as brilliantly different.

Close up photo of Johnny Mackay's face, black and white whearing medim sized round sun glasses and smiling

The same differences

Tuesday, 1st January 2013

Every day we make negative assumptions about those around us when we should really be looking for others’ awesomeness, Johnny Mackay writes.