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Previous Issues

photo of links editor Rebecca

From the editor

Wednesday, 27th May 2015

With the Senate Inquiry into young people with disability in residential aged care due to hand down its findings later this month, the June edition of Link provides the perfect opportunity to take a look at this troubling issue.


Photo of Bree and Dom

Link Loves... Stories of home

Wednesday, 27th May 2015

Nineteen powerful stories that reveal the hidden lives of young Australians with disability living in nursing homes are the focus of the Home to Home Digital Story Exhibition.

Letters to LINK

Wednesday, 27th May 2015

Interpretation of my dream – The lost remote


photo of Kelly Vincent

LINK opinion

Wednesday, 27th May 2015

Soft bigotry

Children with disabilities are getting a rough deal when it comes to the education system, argues Dignity for Disability MLC Kelly Vincent.


photo of newspaper

Link News

Wednesday, 27th May 2015

New recruit to head Minda development – Students with disabilities missing the bus – Respite packages up for grabs in carer competition – Government funding for disability conferences – Kids pilates program boosts mobility 



photo of modified car

Products & Services

Wednesday, 27th May 2015

Space driving – Take a stand – Online support – Find your voice


photo of Sarah

Real life acting

Wednesday, 27th May 2015

Sarah Gordy’s star is on the rise. Having been cast in high-profile roles in popular TV shows Call the Midwife and Upstairs Downstairs, the talented British actor recently gained critical acclaim for her role in the play Crocodiles, performed at the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester.

Photo of Katy

Too Young

Wednesday, 27th May 2015

Over 6,000 Australians under the age of 65 are currently living in residential aged care facilities. According to advocacy group The Summer Foundation, 46% of these are in partnered relationships, 27% are parents of school-aged children and 53% receive a visit from a friend less than once per year.


photo of Curtis

Survival instinct

Wednesday, 27th May 2015

Curtis McGrath was serving in Afghanistan with the Royal Australian Engineer Corps when an improvised explosive device went off beneath him. As he was being stretchered from the site, the Sapper from Brisbane told his fellow soldiers that he would become a Paralympian, and this vow has driven his recovery.

photo of drive less car

Self-drive cars are closer than you think

Wednesday, 27th May 2015

Advances in technology are leading us towards cars that can self-drive, says Mark Borlace from the Royal Automobile Association of South Australia


Photo of a person in wheelchair going into the van by using the ramp

Great ride guaranteed

Thursday, 28th May 2015

Everyone is guaranteed a smooth ride when it comes to Automobility’s Kia Grand Carnival wheelchair access conversions. 

photo of the Voice command system

Voice command now available

Thursday, 28th May 2015

Imagine controlling your car’s lights, indicators, horn, wipers and hazard lights just by speaking.  


Photo of Madison in the car

Driving Miss Madison

Thursday, 28th May 2015

A quick trip to the shops used to be out of the question for Adelaide mum Susan Ramsden.

Photo of guy using hands control on steering wheel in the car

The straight and narrow

Thursday, 28th May 2015

So you’ve made the decision to drive a modified vehicle using hand controls? But what sort of hand controls are best and how do you know if you're physically able to drive? We asked car conversion specialist Paul Crake, from Total Ability, to set us straight.


picture of NDIS logo

NDIS can help get you driving

Thursday, 28th May 2015

Car modifications and equipment can be covered by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), depending on the specific needs of the individual.


Photo of Deb holding the steering knob in the car

Out and about

Thursday, 28th May 2015

Whether it’s a trip to the local shops, a doctor’s appointment or meeting across town, Deb Haygarth loves being able to drive herself.


Photo of RF360 model

Driving solutions for physical challenges

Thursday, 28th May 2015

Bill Georgas founded PME in 1989, after becoming a paraplegic, with a passion to revolutionise the driving experience for all people with disability.  


a lady getting back into driving trying the new steering handles

On the road again

Thursday, 28th May 2015

Link asked Emily Hogan, Acting Clinical Operations Manager with Royal Rehab, to give her advice on how people with disability can get back behind the wheel.


a girl in wheelchair beside the Van with ramp attached

Custom designs every time

Thursday, 28th May 2015

Capital Special Vehicles is an Australian-owned engineering solutions company, with extensive experience in the design and manufacture of mobility innovations and solutions for people who require assistance with mobility. All design is performed at the company’s workshop and the company have vehicles all over Australia & New Zealand. 


Photo of Clare Collins

Industry Advice: Building your brand

Thursday, 28th May 2015

Public relations expert Clare Collins, from Insight Communications, shares her tips for building a strong brand.


photo of Lara Caughey

Meet the troops

Thursday, 28th May 2015

A 2012 study by PricewaterhouseCoopers estimated that approximately 100,000 Australians are directly employed in the disability sector. This edition we go behind the scenes to meet a worker whose role is spreading the word about her organisation.


photo of little boy Archie with Glenn

In Conversation: Glenn Rappensberg, Chief Executive, Novita

Thursday, 28th May 2015

A series of interviews with senior figures in the industry, we ask the chief executive of SA-based Novita to share his views.


Group of dancers with disabilities performing on stage

Dance makeover

Thursday, 28th May 2015

Innovative performing arts companies like Melbourne’s Weave and Rawcus challenge audiences to see dance in a non-conventional way. However, with Federal Government funding for disabled artists sitting at just $330,000 per year for the whole of Australia, are we getting the chance to see what disabled performers are capable of? By Carole Lander


photo of a guy in special modified wheelchair with computer on his lap table

Life Labs: Incubating Inclusive Technologies

Thursday, 28th May 2015

In the last thirty years technology has transformed the lives of people with a disability, giving mobility to those who can’t walk and a voice to those who are unable to talk. More recently, mainstream devices – technology not specifically designed with disability in mind – have provided life-changing solutions for people with a disability at a relatively low cost.


photo of Marayke snow skiing

Let it snow

Thursday, 28th May 2015

Few things in life are more exhilarating than skiing down a mountain in Kosziusko National Park writes Marayke Jonkers.


photo of the ladies are singing

Raise Your Voice

Thursday, 28th May 2015

 Members of Stroke A Chord may have limited speech, but they sure can sing. Anthea Skinner discovers a choir with a difference.


photo of William Johns

Money Matters

Thursday, 28th May 2015

Never have enough money? Link asked financial adviser William Johns, a finalist in the Emerging Leader category in the 2014 National Disability Awards, how to make your money go further.


photo of a sexy lady

Sexual healing

Thursday, 28th May 2015

People with disability should be encouraged to express themselves sexually, writes  Miya Yamanouchi, a Clinical Sex and Relationships Counsellor with the Australian Institute of Sexual Health Medicine.


photo of a guide dog

Guide dog handlers face discrimination

Thursday, 28th May 2015

Almost two-thirds of Victorian guide dog handlers experience discrimination on a regular basis because of their vision impairment or guide dog companion, according to research conducted by Guide Dogs Victoria. 


pictures of two books

Books & publications

Thursday, 28th May 2015

The Essential Manual for Asperger Syndrome (ASD) in the Classroom: What Every Teacher Needs to Know  –  49 Ways to Think, Write and Eat Yourself Well  –  Tackling Disability Discrimination and Disability Hate Crime: A Multidisciplinary Guide  –  You Beauty!


photo of Peter Coulter

Coming back?

Thursday, 28th May 2015

There’s nothing like a chance meeting with an old school friend to bring back the memories, writes Peter Coulter.


Picture of big red lips

Kissing MS goodbye

Thursday, 28th May 2015

Murdoch University researchers are investigating the link between the Epstein-Barr virus infection, more commonly known as glandular fever or the ‘kissing disease’, and Multiple Sclerosis (MS). 


picture of spinal cords

Anti-inflammatory could aid spinal cord injury

Thursday, 28th May 2015

Rapid treatment with a new anti-inflammatory could have a major impact on recovery from spinal cord injury, according to University of Queensland researchers.


image of Social Scene text

Social Scene

Thursday, 28th May 2015

Job agency opens new office  -  WA support workers recognised for outstanding Efforts