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Link Editor, Rebecca Somerfield

From the editor

Tuesday, 1st December 2015

Welcome to our final edition of Link for 2015 - where has the year gone?!  It’s been a busy year in the Link and Inprint Design offices, and we are all looking forward to some well-earned rest and relaxation over the festive break.

Newly gradutated guide dogs

Link loves

Tuesday, 1st December 2015

Puppy Love! We couldn’t resist this gorgeous line-up of 12 newly graduated guide dogs from Guide Dogs NSW/ACT!

Jacy Arthur


Tuesday, 1st December 2015

"I had a new, young female support worker for seven hours a week, over five days.  This girl was a brilliant worker and was keen to do whatever I needed done.  We were getting along really well, a bit too well towards the end!  Mind you, at the beginning I didn’t know what jobs I should get her to do..." - Jacy Arthur

Award Winner, Nathan Handley


Tuesday, 1st December 2015

Autisim study first of its kind. Award winner spreads the word. Taking on Everest. A sound you must hear. NDIA pricing not realistic says disability chief.

PME Auto Conversions' Foot-Steer

Products & Services

Tuesday, 1st December 2015

Foot-Steer by PME Auto Conversions, Lifestyle Coordinators, Wheelchair Socks and Enware's Freestanding Increased Height WC!

Dignity for Disability MLC Kelly Vincent

Low expectations

Tuesday, 1st December 2015

Dignity for Disability MLC Kelly Vincent wants the public and private sectors to give workers with disability a fair go.

Breaking Bad star, RJ Mitte

Bad boy

Tuesday, 1st December 2015

RJ Mitte wants us to ‘cut the bull’ and say no to bullying. The 23-year-old actor, who gained critical acclaim for his role as Walt Jr in the hit TV show Breaking Bad, has had enough of bullies, particularly those who target people with disability, and wants other like-minded people to join the fight.

Mrs Woog and her son, Jack

Failing the test, but winning at life

Tuesday, 1st December 2015

Having a baby born with a hearing impairment came as a shock to writer Mrs Woog but, thanks to early intervention by The Shepherd Centre, it was the start of something amazing.

Diane is slowly reconstructing her life after an acquired brain injury

Finding the path to recovery

Tuesday, 1st December 2015

Research into the experiences of young people with acquired brain injury (ABI) and their carers in acute (short-term) care in hospitals has shed new light on pathways to rehabilitation, housing and support.

Jeanette Purkis loves her job at the Australian Public Service

A fair go

Tuesday, 1st December 2015

Disability advocate groups are calling on Australian employers to give people with disability a fair go when it comes to hiring new employees.

Nova Employment Chief Executive, Martin Wren

From school to work

Tuesday, 1st December 2015

How to Achieve a Smooth Transition

Transitioning from school to work can be a stressful time for young people with disability and their families, however with the right planning and research it needn’t be a headache. Link asked the chief executive of Nova Employment Martin Wren to give us his tips on achieving a smooth transition.

Lynwood Country Club employee, Brendan

Brendan tees off

Tuesday, 1st December 2015

Matthew Bailey, from Lynwood Country Club in New South Wales, says employing a person with disability has been great for morale.

Visiting disability researcher Dr Jolita Viluckiene with a participant in the AFFORD Transition to Retirement Program

The challenge of retirement

Tuesday, 1st December 2015

Retiring from supported employment can be a difficult time for some people with disability, says the chief executive officer of disability service provider AFFORD, Steven Herald.

Chris enjoys working in a pizza restaurant

Perfect pizza

Tuesday, 1st December 2015

Chris Sciberras had always dreamed about working in a pizza restaurant. However, his autism made reaching that goal hard. Like a number of people living with disability, Chris desperately wanted to work, but struggled to find an employer willing to give him a go.

Supported employee hard at work packaging

The right to work

Tuesday, 1st December 2015

When it comes to supported employment opportunities, Minda CEO Cathy Miller is a firm believer that it is a basic human right that everyone wanting to work should be provided with opportunity to enjoy an environment where they can learn new skills and grow their confidence.

The right design

Tuesday, 1st December 2015

Providing opportunities for people with disability to engage in meaningful employment is the aim of Inprint Design, publisher of Link Disability Magazine.

Young woman at work

New web resource for young adults on the spectrum

Monday, 30th November 2015

A website that aims to help young adults on the autism spectrum transition from school to work has been developed by Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect). aims to address the high level of unemployment amongst adults on the autism spectrum, currently around 46%. 

Robbi Williams

Going mainstream

Tuesday, 1st December 2015

A funding initiative that encourages mainstream employment opportunities for people with disability has been developed by South Australia’s Julia Farr Group. The Julia Farr MS McLeod Benevolent Fund (JFM) gives grants to organisations for initiatives that create mainstream employment opportunities with award wages for people living with disability.

Two sides

Tuesday, 1st December 2015

The future of Australian Disability Enterprises (ADEs) is a contentious issue in the disability sector. Link asked leaders on both side of the debate to share their views.

Caroline Conlon

Helping hand

Tuesday, 1st December 2015

Volunteering overseas is a great way for people with disability to learn about a new culture and share their experiences and knowledge. Link finds out more. Teaching a person with a hearing impairment to drive may not have been part of Caroline Conlon’s job description but as a volunteer Deaf Empowerment Advisor in Samoa, it was just another day in the office.


Focus on independence at free expo

Tuesday, 1st December 2015

Encouraging people with physical disabilities to live independent lives is the aim of the third biennial Spinal Cord Injuries Australia (SCIA) Independence Expo on April 15 and 16 in Sydney.

2015 National Disability Awards Winners

Tuesday, 1st December 2015

The 2015 National Disability Awards ceremony was held at Parliament House on November 25. Link profiles the 2015 National Disability Award winners and their achievements in promoting a more inclusive society and breaking down the barriers for people with disability.

Marayke Jonkers

Christmas spirit

Tuesday, 1st December 2015

Travel writer Marayke Jonkers goes in search of accessible Christmas fun.

Savant Thakur

High achiever

Tuesday, 1st December 2015

Savant Thakur has a single-minded determination to improve the lives of people with muscular dystrophy, writes Christina Tait.

NRS users can use their ipad to make a captioned relay call

National Relay Service provides positive outcomes for NDIS participants

Tuesday, 1st December 2015

The National Relay Service (NRS) has been working at the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) trial site in the NSW Hunter Region to provide improved communication options for NDIS participants, including information and training to assist them in maximising the benefits of the Service.

Anthea tours Kazakhstan's Palace of Peace and Reconcilliation

World music

Tuesday, 1st December 2015

Our resident music writer Anthea Skinner reports on the recent World Conference of the International Council of Traditional Music (ICTM) in Kazakhstan, where disability was on the agenda.

Leigh McClusky

Message sent

Tuesday, 1st December 2015

This edition public relations expert Leigh McClusky gives us her advice on how non-profits can communicate more effectively.

Jessica May, Enabling Employment

Enabling work

Tuesday, 1st December 2015

A new online employment service designed specifically for people with disability has won its owner recognition in the 2015 Telstra Business Women’s Awards.


In conversation:

Monday, 30th November 2015

It was an honour to be nominated for the Telstra Business Women’s Awards and to become a finalist is humbling. I felt honoured and grateful for the Award as the other finalists in this category are remarkable women doing remarkable jobs. The award recognised my contribution to Somerville Community Services disability program over the past six years, the people we support, the staff we employ and the broader disability sector." - Deborah Bampton, Somerville Community Services.

Books & Publications

Books & Publications

Tuesday, 1st December 2015

Link reviews One Foot on the Podium, Resurrection Bay, Understanding Mental Disorders and Promote your Spiritual Business.

Peter Coulter

Taking shelter

Tuesday, 1st December 2015

Link columnist Peter Coulter reflects on his experiences in a sheltered workshop in the 1970s. 

University of QLD students with their 3D prosthetic limb


Tuesday, 1st December 2015

University of Queensland (UQ) Robotics Club students develop 3D printed limb and researchers from the University of Adelaide are a step closer to blocking the development of multiple sclerosis!

Rob Mills, Jan Logan and Michelle Barry

Social scene

Tuesday, 1st December 2015

Ear Rings for Peace, Disability Expo for Jewish Community and Minda Stars!