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A social enterprise that provides employment to more than 200 South Australians with disability has launched an initiative that will encourage more people to recycle their unwanted electrical items.

Electronics Recycling Australia, owned by Minda, is installing 50 purpose-built Unplug N’Drop collection points around South Australia, with the number expected to rise to more than 600 over the coming year.

“As Australia’s mountain of unwanted electrical goods continues to grow, it is disappointing that we only recycle less than 5% of the 19.7kg of e-goods that every person discards annually,” Electronic Recycling Australia spokesperson Andrew Wallace said.

“Whether it is large appliances like fridges and washing machines, or smaller appliances like toasters, kettles, vacuum cleaners, computers, monitors, entertainment equipment like mp3 players and stereos, and electrical tools and gadgets like drills and hairdryers – we are happy to take them all.”

The chief executive of Minda Cathy Miller said Electronics Recycling Australia (formally known as Aspitech) had gone from facing imminent closure two years ago to setting its sights on potential national expansion.

“This is a perfect opportunity for people and businesses to do the right thing by the environment,” Ms Miller said.

“Our successful electronic and electrical recycling operation helps Minda provide services to people with disability through sustainable employment, and enrich their lives through greater community participation and contribution in an environment that has a focus on ability, rather than disability.”

More about the Electronic Recycle Australia program and locations of the Unplug N’ Drop collection points can be found at electronicrecyclingaustralia.com.au/coming-soon