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Privacy Policy

Link Magazine Terms and conditions.

By subscribing to Link Magazine (print), you agree to pay the nominated amount in full. 

You will only be subscribed to Link Magazine for the period of time you nominate and pay for. 

Your details will be retained be Link Magazine for the purpose of communicating with you about your subscription (print and/or email) and/or Link Magazine Events and news. 

Link Magazine will not disclose your email address or any other personal details provided by you without your prior consent by way of a specific request in writing.

Data collected while browsing

Link Magazine is a cookie-free site. Link Magazine does not collect information that can identify individuals who visit the site. However, when you look at this web site our Internet Service Provider compiles data that records and logs your visit with the following information collected for strictly statistical purposes only:

  • the user’s server address;
  • the user’s top level domain name (for example, .com, .gov, .au, .uk etc);
  • the date and time of the visit to the site;
  • the pages accessed and documents downloaded;
  • the search words and referral sites used; and
  • the type of browser used.

Access to information

Access to, and use of this information, is restricted to Link Magazine. No attempt will be made by Link Magazine to track or identify individual users or their browsing activities, except in the unlikely event of an investigation, where a law enforcement agency may exercise a warrant to inspect the Internet Service provider’s logs.