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photo of links editor Rebecca

From the editor

Wednesday, 25th March 2015

‘One unknown, estimated female’ is how emergency service workers labelled London bomb survivor Gill Hicks when she was being rescued from a train carriage in King’s Cross Station.

Teal's collage shows a positive self-image

Letters to LINK

Thursday, 26th March 2015

Letter of the issue:  - Meeting the Challenge


Coffe Club

LINK Loves...

Wednesday, 1st April 2015

Coffee Club
Sydneysiders looking for a coffee fix or sweet treat should head for Mr Espresso by Windgap at Matraville.

photo of Kelly Vincent

Inclusion essential in emergency management

Thursday, 26th March 2015

Communication systems that cater to everyone in our community are vital during times of crisis, writes Dignity for Disability MLC Kelly Vincent.

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Thursday, 26th March 2015

Abuse inquiry underway  -  International autism conference for Queensland  - Videos promote understanding of complex issues  - Swimming success for Aliesha  -  Novita opens new kids’ therapy centre


App for NRS

Products & Services

Thursday, 26th March 2015

Satisfaction guaranteed - Stability meets style  -  Ring, ring  -  Easy does it 



Photo of Gill Hicks


Thursday, 26th March 2015

It’s nearly ten years since Gill Hicks’ life changed forever. The London-based design curator was on a train at King's Cross Station on July 7, 2005, when four suicide bombers detonated their devices in locations across the city. Gill was one of 700 people injured in the attacks, which tragically took the lives of 52 people. She lost both her legs from below the knee and suffered severe and permanent injuries - but, against the odds, she survived.

photo of Graeme Innes

It’s up to us

Thursday, 26th March 2015

I encourage all of you, artistically or legally, to challenge the discrimination that you experience.


Flinders Uni logo

Flinders Uni disability courses commended

Thursday, 26th March 2015

A five-year review of disability courses at Flinders University has seen both their high standard of academic programs and commitment to social, global and student-centred learning commended.


Photo of Michelle Vasiliu

Guilty respite

Thursday, 26th March 2015

No-one warned me about the guilt. The guilt that consumes me when I rationalise why I chose to come here in the first place.



Walk on

Thursday, 26th March 2015

A new robotic walking system is helping people with Spinal Cord Injuries in Queensland improve their mobility.


Brooklyn in her new X:Panda seating system.

Take a seat

Monday, 30th March 2015

Perseverance is the key when it comes to choosing mobility equipment for children, says mother-of-two, Simone, from Collie in WA’s south-west.

out and about on a scooter by the beach

Mobility scooter lowdown

Monday, 30th March 2015

So you’re in the market for a mobility scooter? But where do you start? And what should you know before taking the plunge? Link asked Bluesky Mobility expert Damian Ryan to give us his top tips.

character holding safety sign

Stay safe

Monday, 30th March 2015

Once you’ve joined the ranks of mobility scooter or electric wheelchair drivers it’s important to drive safely. 

Harry is all smiles in his new chair.

Life changer

Monday, 30th March 2015

Harry, 16, lives with his parents, Kelly and Jason, and younger brother, Thomas, in Mount Nelson, Tasmania. He was born with severe athetoid cerebral palsy, which causes his body to make involuntary movements.

the new wheel chair

New Australian invention

Monday, 30th March 2015

 A device that enables wheelchairs to climb up step has been developed by Northcott Innovation, in partnership with Mobility 2000 and the University of Technology Sydney’s Department of Mechatronic Engineering.

Cara at work working on an upsidedown lime green chair

Mobility aid Meccano

Monday, 30th March 2015

A modular kit of interchangeable mobility aid parts from crutches to walking frames is set to change the lives of some of the world’s poorest people with disabilities thanks to a design engineering student from Brunel University London.

Bob and Ian in the workshop at AC Mobility.

Ship shape

Monday, 30th March 2015

So you’ve bought a new wheelchair or mobility scooter but how do you keep it looking good? We asked the experts at AC Mobility to give us their tips on keeping your equipment in good working order.

scooter crossing the road

Safety first

Monday, 30th March 2015

Mobility insurance specialist, Blue Badge Insurance, has launched a safety and awareness campaign to encourage the community to be more aware of mobility scooter users.

Scott Sanderson says the Luggie has helped him travel the world.

Travelling light

Monday, 30th March 2015

New Zealand, America, Hong Kong, London and Paris are just some of the exotic locations that intrepid traveller Scott Sanderson has explored thanks to his Luggie scooter.

in the woods with the chair with arm operated leavers

Beyond the footpath

Monday, 30th March 2015

ticking to the path may soon be a thing of the past for wheelchair users, with a United States-based social enterprise launching an off-road chair.

RAA man assising elderly lady on a mobility scooter

Back on the road

Monday, 30th March 2015

Jenny Giaccio is over the moon about the Royal Automobile of South Australia’s new roadside assistance service for mobility scooters.

photo of a guy using tablet communication

Latest mobiles smarter than you think

Thursday, 26th March 2015

Access to the internet and digital technology is well recognised as being central to social, cultural and economic participation


Photo of Jillian's book

Keeping it under control

Thursday, 26th March 2015

Multiple Sclerosis occurs when cells in the body's own immune system enter the central nervous system and cause inflammation to the brain, spinal cord and optic nerves, often resulting in impairment of motor, sensory and cognitive functions. An estimated 23,000 Australians have MS.
Visit for more information.

Photo of Paul and Lynn Geddes

In sickness and in health

Thursday, 26th March 2015

Lynn Geddes’ unwavering commitment to her husband’s rehabilitation after an horrific accident six years ago has earned her the Continence Foundation of Australia’s Carer of the Year award, writes Maria Whitmore. 


photo of Marayke Jonkers on the ferry

River city shines

Thursday, 26th March 2015

Brisbane has plenty to offer travellers with disability, discovers travel writer Marayke Jonkers.


Photo of Tutti singers singing

This isn’t Disneyland

Thursday, 26th March 2015

There’s a new girl band in town and their catchy, thought-provoking tunes are set to have them following in the footsteps of the Spice Girls and Destiny’s Child. Anthea Skinner reports.


Photo of Nick chopping wood with one arm

Chop to it

Thursday, 26th March 2015

My goal is to become the fastest arm amputee axeman in the Guinness Book of World Records.


Photo of Dr Sachi Purcal

Is the NDIS sustainable?

Thursday, 26th March 2015

Dr Sachi Purcal, from the Macquarie University Centre for the Health Economy, reflects on the insurance-based approach adopted by the National Disability Insurance Agency and why the NDIS alone won’t improve quality of life for people with disability.


book cover of My Happy Sad Mummy

Books & publications

Thursday, 26th March 2015

–  My Happy Sad Mummy –  Accessible Melbourne  –  Evacuation of People with Disability  –  Medikidz Explain Spinal Cord Injuries  –  Rebel Yell Updated  –  Love is All There Is 


photo of Fruits

Fruit linked to depression

Thursday, 26th March 2015

Women who eat fewer than two serves of fruit a day face a greater risk of developing depression, according to research conducted at the University of Queensland.

photo of Xavier with his parents

Australian boy first in world to receive artificial pancreas

Thursday, 26th March 2015

Australian boy Xavier Hames, 4, has become the first patient in the world to receive breakthrough technology to help manage type 1 diabetes.


Social Scene icon

Social Scene

Thursday, 26th March 2015

Fun run  –  Disability support conference



Photo of Peter Coulter

Sisyphus and now

Thursday, 26th March 2015

Link’s resident columnist Peter Coulter likens the challenges of living with a disability to those faced in Greek Mythology.