There is something endearing about lovingly restored old cars that puts a smile on
everyone’s face. The ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ jalopies with their running boards, the low-slung jazz era open sports cars, WW2 camouflaged jeeps, the white walled tyred 50s limos with
fins are all showstoppers.

Who can resist turning at the lights to see who is driving and wonder at the pleasure these old autos have given the drivers? One such person is Brisbane woman Belinda Brandt or Binni, as her family and friends call her, who turned sharing her restored Holden car into a care business for people with disability and the elderly. Binni has an extroverted personality on the extreme end, ‘glass half full’ outlook and great Meet a carer with a big heart 26 February/March 2024 Binni with her father Binni’s vintage Holden Binni with client and team sense of humour. Her conversations go at 1000 miles an hour as she gallops
through the world but behind this is a very caring, big hearted woman who has converted her life experiences in the cause of good.

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