After attending NOVA Transition to learn all the skills to be job-ready, through NOVA Employment in Rouse Hill, Sydney, 19-year-old Luke landed a role as a waiter at Caffe Cherry Beans.

Luke started at NOVA Transition in 2019 as NOVA Employment Rouse Hill manager, Wayne Vumbaca remembers: “Luke came into the Transition to Work program very keen and motivated but lacked a bit of confidence and needed to build up that confidence because he loves engaging with people.”

Whilst in the Transition program Luke took on several work experience roles in different industries to see where his skill set best matched up. He spent time in retail, labouring, administration and hospitality, and it was hospitality where he found his niche.

“The work experience helped him build the communication skills he needed to deal with people and also the confidence in dealing with his work colleagues and customers,” Vumbaca said.

According to Luke’s mother Carolyn, when Luke was growingup he wanted to be a drummer and a gamer. “In high school he was very active and friendly but one of my biggest fears was him being employed. Since coming to NOVA he has become more mature and when I look at Luke today I am grateful for his ability to adapt to a changing world.”

After being employed for 12 months, Luke is keen for people to know his life has changed for the better and is happy that he has made his mother proud. “I like working. I work hard, I clean hard and I try hard.” His advice for others was: “be organised, work hard and get your job done.”

At Caffe Cherry Beans he has been well matched to an environment where he can utilise his talents and Vumbaca too is proud of the job match. “Luke has found an environment where he can use his strengths and abilities,” he said.

Renee Choi, owner of Caffe Cherry Beans is also happy with Luke as an employee. “Luke is very smart, and we only had to train him once.” NOVA Transition supports young people with disability on their path to employment and independence by helping them become ready for work and able get a job that suits them.

With locations across Sydney, NOVA has successfully placed hundreds of trainees into employment. For more information call: 1800 656 537

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