When, and why, did you start EveryHuman?

EveryHuman came to life very quickly. I came across the idea in May last year and launched it in December. I saw a problem, where fashion and disability didn’t go hand-in-hand, when there is every reason they should. What I do know is how I feel when I put on a nice pair of pants, shirt and jacket. I feel confident, have a bounce in my step and feel like I can tackle the world. My friends with disabilities are no different. They want to wear clothes that make them feel amazing. That is the inspiration for creating EveryHuman.

Why did you launch a fashion label for people with disability?

Many people with disability face obstacles when dressing due to mobility, dexterity issues or sensory sensitivity. I’ve seen how this can result in large customisation costs and just how frustrating it can be for some people. And that just shouldn’t be the case. There was very little on offer where fashion meets functionality. I wanted people of all abilities to have the tools to become more independent during the dressing process. To feel confident, stylish and sexy in wearing clothes that also have functional benefits. Our mission is to empower people to express themselves through fashion.

How have the clothes in the range been modified?

The clothes have been modified with very subtle adaptive elements such as designs for the seated position, magnetic closures replacing regular buttons or soft fabric texture and footwear with one-handed zippers or that are AFO friendly. Most people find that they don’t need any additional alterations after purchasing from EveryHuman.

Should the fashion industry be more inclusive?

Absolutely! Big picture, I want to try and get the fashion industry to have a more inclusive mindset when it comes to disability, whether it be when designing, on the runway or on the pages of mainstream magazines. I believe we are at a tipping point – and I’m really excited to see brands move in that direction.

How do people buy your clothes?

At the moment we are 100 per cent online. Just visit everyhuman.com.au

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